If you want to understand more about what happens in the menopause, you are in the right place! I can tell you form personal experience it IS possible for you to feel good, have a body that is strong and healthy so you can get on with living the life you want to lead!



During the Peri -Menopause and Menopause each of us may have different problems, so individualised support is far more likely to be effective. If you are struggling with one or more of these symptoms - I can help you.

  • You often have anxiety about simple things, driving in the dark or perhaps meeting friends.

  • You don’t recognise or love the way your body feels. In fact you HATE it.

  • You are so tired - night sweats wake you up and then you can’t get back to sleep.

  • You keep forgetting simple things - it’s getting embarrassing.

  • You have lost your ZING .

  • Your stomach seems to get bigger and bigger - despite eating less.

  • You NEED wine or sweet things - more than you know is healthy, to make life bearable.

  • You are confused about HRT, supplements, what to listen to and what to ignore.

The Peri- Menopause is the first part of the midlife journey, this is the phase when your hormone levels change and everything feels a bit …different, a bit like puberty felt all those years ago! This phase can last for up to ten years, far too long for you to be suffering in silence! Here at The Midlife Makeover I support women who are heading towards the Peri Menopause and those who are out the other side, to feel strong, vibrant and yes - sexy again. Click the button below to see the ways that I can help you start NOW.



Many of my clients have said that they’d like me to move into their house so I can encourage ( nag!) them towards making better choices for their midlife health!! I can’t do that, I’d miss my Cockerpoo too much, but you can get an idea of the type of advice I give by downloading this free 7 day video series. It will give you an idea of the way I coach and who I am and more importantly it might help answer some of your questions.



My name is Sam Palmer. I trained as a nurse in London in 1983 and spent most of nursing career Neonatal Intensive Care. The death of my brother, aged 28, led to me being offered a place to run the London Marathon in his memory. During my training I became increasingly frustrated that there was no where for NORMAL women to learn to run, so I decided to do something about it!

Having qualified as a UK Athletics coach I started a small club for ladies who wanted to learn to run but were to scared to join an athletics club. Gradually my club blossomed into a Fitness Club where ladies can do Pilates, Yoga, Walking and two specially fitness classes that I have specifically designed to meet the needs of women in their 30’s -60’s.

Now, some 20 years on, having taken many courses, won awards and expanded my knowledge and experience of female health, nutrition and fitness, I have combined all this (and some personal menopause experience), to bring you The Midlife Makeover.