But before you think NO, I'm NOT joining a gym and leaping around with 35 year old men and a fitness instructor barking at me - IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT! 

There is a RIGHT way to get fit and strong and a WRONG way. 

At Midlife Makeover I help ladies just like you get back into the exercise habit doing things that make them feel good.

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Fitness classes for women over 45

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Liz - started online workouts in March 2020

By early June I really noticed the difference - I was stronger, had more energy and it’s made a big difference to my life.  

I have recently noticed that my body shape has changed and I have lost weight

Kathy - started online workouts in May 2020

So we went into Lockdown which meant my half-hearted attempts at going to the gym went out the window – I heaved a sigh of relief!  But I quickly began to realise that I had to move in some way or another or I was going to end up with a chair-shaped body! 

I started doing Sam’s AAA course twice a week. 

The timing fits easily into my day and I have noticed a change in my shape and my strength – even my bingo wings are getting smaller! 

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