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Ditch The Diet - weight loss in menopause - online LIVE course

Course outline

Programme opens January 9th Cost £425 

Book a discovery call with Sam to find more

Group Coaching calls - 6.15pm - 7.15pm except for onboarding week 1


Your Ditch the Diet programme includes:

📍A 1.2.1 with Sam Palmer at the start of the programme 

📍Access to the Waiting Room - a mini course to help you get focussed prior to the course start date.  

📍LIVE coaching on Mondays 18.15-19.15pm. Each week you'll cover a menopause weight loss topic. 

📍Calls WILL be recorded if you can't attend live or you wish to refer back to it again.

📍Weekly Challenges to keep you motivated and accountable

📍Recipes, tips and cooking ideas to incorporate into your new lifestyle.

📍6 weeks of unlimited live menopause focussed fitness classes.

📍Access to our On Demand fitness classes

📍Private what's app group to share your journey with others on the programme 


 *Fitness classes include Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, Beginner Strength, Fitstix, Fitball and more...

Week One - Onboarding week 

In this week you'll be invited to join three LIVE classes - note the earlier start and finish times;

  • Monday 9th January  17.30-18.00 - Welcome and Goal setting

  • Tuesday 10th January 17.30-18.00 - Your Fitness and Movement Planning

  • Wednesday 11th January 17.30-18.00 - Your questions answered


Week 2 - January 16th

Masterclass  -Identifying your foodie hazards & discover how meal planning can keep you on track

🥦 Nutrition challenge 1

Week 3 - January 23rd 

How to turn your body into a calorie burning machine

🥦 Nutrition challenge 2

Week 4 - January 30th 

Sabotage and Cravings, what do you tell yourself when in this situation?

🥦 Nutrition challenge 3

Week 5 - February 6th

Snacking, Fasting or Grazing, what is right for YOU?

Recheck measurements

Week 6 - February 13th 

How to maintain your healthy new habits for EVER! 


➡️  Information about Menopause Health in addition to weight loss.

➡️ Your beautiful 3 part plan with recipes, shopping lists and information, yours to keep forever.

➡️ A supportive community of women with the same goal as you.

➡️ A menopause specialist who understands the different approach to weight loss - to help you find a way of eating that is unique to YOU.   

➡️ Access to your peers and coach via what's app for support and guidance.  

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