Our Privacy Policy

Did you know?

There is a law all about cookies – and not the chocolate chip kind – they are yummy, the other is boring!

So boring in fact that it can send you to sleep so if you are having problems sleeping you can visit the ICO website to find out more.  I’m sure you will also want to stay a while and read the new rules for something called GDPR or “General Data Protection Regulations”

The short version of it is that we need to tell you about our cookies and about how we use your data. In the mean-time here is some information about your privacy at The Midlife Makeover – I hope it covers all that you need to know.  

What we do with your information.

We are in the business of making you feel good, inside and out. And that applies to keeping your information private too. So although we ask you to let us know what type of classes you are interested in, we will sometimes send you information about other stuff we think might be important for you to know about too.

But not too often. Of course you can always unsubscribe if you wish. However – our team may also email you with information about fitness classes or relevant events so I do have to share your email address with them – if you unsubscribe you will not hear from ANY of us again. We don’t want to irritate you – stress isn’t healthy!

If you send an email to me, or if you use the ‘contact us ’ page you may wonder what happens to your details. Actually, it is very simple. In both cases I see an email from you in my inbox. I will reply to that email, if a reply is needed. What if you enquire about a beginner jogging course or our next Nutrition plan? In that case you go on my database and I will send you information when the time is right.

The official stuff - what we have to tell you. 

According to the new rules the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) say we should give you the following information in our Privacy Policy.

What information is being collected?

We only get the information you want to give us. Initially we ask for details like name/address/email address/phone number and of course what type of fitness you are interested in. But then we ask you for some health details so that we can ensure your physical safety during our fitness classes – this is done via our Health Form.

Who is collecting it?

Me! All the information comes to me in my little office and I decide what my team of coaches need to know. As I said, I give my coaches your email addresses and sometimes your telephone numbers if they need to call you urgently about a class. I have access to your completed health Forms and I VERBALLY pass on information to YOUR coach about anything that is relevant to keep you safe.

How is it collected?

There are quite a few ways that we hear from you. Mostly it is via the Midlife Makeover website which is managed by Kajabi and has a contact us form. On completion of this form you may receive an email from me from my Mailchimp account or my personal one. Mailchimp and Kajabi are HUGE companies with their own Privacy Policies. Sometimes you might email me directly because you have collected my business card, seen a facebook post or met me at an event. I will then make a note of your email address and if you decide that you’d like to do a class with us, I will add you to my database under the group of your choice –ie Yoga or Weekend Running etc.  

Once you have decided you like us – hopefully you will become a customer and end up paying to join our MOM Course or joining our fitness classes. If you do join fitness classes you will be asked to complete another form in TeamUp and pay using our integrated payment system called Stripe.

Why is it being collected?

I keep your data simply to help me to keep in touch with you about our fitness sessions, social events and other fitness related topics.

How will it be used?

I have answered this question in “how is it collected” above. Essentially I keep everything on my password protected lap top or my ‘phone.

Who will it be shared with?

No one outside of SLJ (our sister company) or Midlife Makeover. Having said that Kajabi, TeamUp, Stripe and Mailchimp all keep records of our communications so that if you ask me ‘have I paid for Yoga this term’ I am able to answer you. And if you get injured and need a refund – I can refund you.

What will be the effect of this on the individuals concerned?

You receive emails from us about fitness sessions and sometimes we give you cake at the end – and we all go home happy!

Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain?

I hope not. If I was signing up for a course I would expect to be added to a mailing list and receive information until such time that I decided I didn’t want any more information.

That’s what we do too.

I've written this in a way that I understand and that gives you the information required by law. I'm not a lawyer and so I wanted to make it nice and clear and simple. For those of you who like the meatier version please click here to read our full data protection policy which applies to both SLJ and Midlife Makeover.