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Most busy women over 45 struggle with some of the changes that the menopause can bring so I created Midlife Makeover™, an online platform which offers advice, coaching & support to women heading into or out of menopause to give them back the confidence to live the life they want to live.

Hi, my name is Sam Palmer and I'm the creator and founder of Midlife Makeover

My career started in the NHS where I qualified as a nurse eventually working as a Sister in NeoNatal Intensive Care.


Becoming a mother led me to look for work that didn’t involve night duty but did include my love of teaching so having qualified as a teacher I left the NHS to work in Further Education.  A desire to create my own business inspired me and a colleague to set up a First Aid training company teaching both in the workplace and to individuals. 

It was a tragic accident in which my brother was killed, that changed my life forever. 

I was given a place to run the London Marathon in memory of my brother Simon and having seen that there was nowhere for 'normal women' to learn to run, I decided to change that and trained as a running coach and formed what is now, an award winning ladies only recreational running club in my hometown, Sevenoaks.   

In 2014 I was voted Coach of the year by UK Athletics for both the South East and the UK and I have won many other local awards for my work helping 'normal' women get back into fitness.

Midlife Makeover came about by chance. 

Ten years ago I was a marathon training and getting fatter and slower despite maintaining the same routine.

It wasn't just me; my clients faced similar challenges. That's when the penny dropped and I knew I wanted to learn how menopause was impacting us all.

I invested in further training which has helped me to truly understand the complexities of menopause, my nursing background was a real bonus.

Over the next 3 years I gained a profound understanding of how to guide my clients through this phase, ensuring they could still enjoy their fitness and health.

Of course I also walk my walk and now run 5k rather than marathons!

I've spent the last decade transforming lives.

In fact I was one of the first menopause coaches in the UK - at a time when women were reluctant to seek advice. 

Delivering my programme Move Over Menopause™ , speaking on podcasts, featured in national press and in person events have all enabled me to reach women worldwide and empower them to embrace a menopause friendly lifestyle that not only accommodates menopause but allows them to live the life they want to live.

Thankfully menopause is being talked about more openly and now that I am working fully online, I can support women worldwide to make simple proven lifestyle changes via my online platform.  

I believe life is all about balance, whilst I am still a keen runner, and do strength workouts several times a week with yoga and walking too, I still love chocolate, Earl Grey tea and occasionally a chilled glass of my favourite drink, Champagne! 

Hi, I'm Sam

I help women make changes to their lifestyle so they thrive in Menopause!