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Online workouts designed and taught by qualified menopause fitness specialists. 

Menopause - the time when a woman enters a new phase of her life and as a result, gets to rewrite the rule book!

Menopause is a pivotal phase in a woman's life, a period where our bodies undergo profound changes as hormones shift and the familiar routines of our younger years can become less effective.


During this time, which can last for almost a third of a woman's life, the significance of doing three key types of movement becomes more evident than ever.

The good news is that you can wave goodbye to the classes you ENDURE and embrace shorter, more menopause friendly ones to suit the new you.

I'm Sam Palmer, a nurse, teacher, coach and menopause fitness and lifestyle coach. And the creator of the future - your fitter future.


For the last ten years my work has been focussed on helping women like you, transition through the menopause feeling empowered, supported and heard. 

I have dedicated almost 30 years to helping women find the JOY in fitness and movement. 

But about 15 years ago, as a marathon runner who found herself getting SLOWER and FATTER, I realised something was amiss. 

My niggles were becoming injuries, my trendy lower carb diets were leaving me exhausted and fitness had become a chore - not a pleasure.

And then I got really worried when I found myself running in wiggly lines. 

Unbeknown to me - at 42, this was probably my first peri-menopause symptom. Brain scans confirmed nothing amiss but I wanted to know more. 

I signed up to a course to understand as much as I could about menopause and now almost 15 years later, I have helped thousands of women navigate this lifestage - can I help you? 

Are you looking for a Menopause Fitness Specialist who can help you feel fitter and stronger again? 

With our online fitness classes designed specifically for women in perimenopause and beyond, you'll be back on track in no time!


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At Midlife Makeover we have a range of weekly menopause focussed fitness classes - all taught by women who understand how to teach classes you look forward to. 

Classes dedicated to helping you build muscle, improve bone strength, and reduce stress and of course, help with  weight control. 

And the best bit?

You'll be doing the classes in the privacy of your home in a community of women, just like you, live or on demand. 


Our menopause fitness classes include the three VITAL elements of midlife fitness:

  • Strength¬†

  • Cardio¬†

  • Relaxation¬†

With 12 classes each week including Yoga, Pilates, Fitstick, Fitball, HIIT45 and the popular Abs, Arms and Arse strength class - we have everything you need at the touch of a button.

All classes are taught LIVE so you can chat with the coach, get tips and advice and adaptations for injuries. 


PLUS all classes are recorded so you can choose any class from our Fitness On Demand area and do it at a time that suits you.  

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Our fitness for menopause classes range from 30 minutes to one hour.

Not only does this mean you can fit the time into your busy day, it also means you are less likely to get exhausted, overtrain or get injured. 

  • Abs Arms and Arse - strength class 30 minutes¬†
  • Fitstix - Strength and Mobility class 30 minutes¬†
  • HIIT 30 class - 30 minutes¬†
  • Stretch and Relax class - 30 minutes¬†
  • HITT 45 class - 45 minutes¬†
  • Fitball class - 45 minutes¬†
  • Pilates class - 1 hour¬†
  • Yoga class - 1 hour¬†
UNLIMITED ACCESS for 8 weeks - join our next Feel Great in 8 trial period!

HELP - I've got an injury so although I want to join, I'm terrified!

Hardly anyone we teach has no injury. Most of us have 'noisy knees', some have had serious knee injuries and may even need surgery. Lots of ladies have struggled with frozen shoulder, neck aches or back pain. And it goes without saying that all our exercises are pelvic floor friendly, unless we say otherwise and even then we gives other options. 

By the time we reach our mid to late 40's and beyond, there is bound to be something that causes you worry.

Please be reassured that in most cases, we are able to make adaptations for those niggles so you can enjoy doing what you CAN do, rather than letting it control what you can't. 

Sound like just the thing you have been looking for? 

We offer cost effective monthly and annual fitness packages which allow you unlimited access to all our classes - LIVE and On Demand to suit your busy schedule.

Why not sign up for a 6 week trial period?

That way you can try a range of classes and work out if we are the right place for you!  

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Feel Great in 8 Taster package - UNLIMITED ACCESS to all classes LIVE and ON DEMAND for 8 weeks!

How it works throughout the year. 

Our classes are taught in 6 week blocks, each block may have a theme or a focus, and some are progressive, like a mini course.

There will be less live classes over the Easter, Half Term and Summer holiday periods as our instructors take holiday - but  recorded workouts are available for you to follow. 

How do you know which class/s to do?

If you are starting from a 'no exercise' base, we recommend choosing two classes each week, you can build up slowly to 3 or 4 when you feel ready.

You might decide you'd like to focus on getting STRONGER in which case choose AAA, or perhaps you like something to get your heart rate up, in which case choose HIIT.

Our Yoga, Stretch and Relax and and Pilates classes are SLOWER and work well as a second or third class in your week.

Please feel free to pop us an email if you'd like advice, we are very happy to give it!

Our range of classes aims to offer all these, take a look at the pages below and see a mini sample of each of the teaching styles.

See us in action!

Take a look at all the classes

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