And how will it affect me?

Looking for science backed up to date information about peri-menopause?  



If you are female and over 45 you may have noticed that 'things are changing' and you are looking for someone who can give you some up to date, honest answers.

If you are feeling confused by what is happening to your body and would like to understand more - this FREE training is invaluable for you!

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Day 1 - Peri-Menopause and Heart Health

Day 2- Peri-Menopause and Gut Health

Day 3 - Peri-Menopause and how to sleep better.

Day 4 - Peri-Menopause and your pelvic floor

Day 5 - Peri-Menopause and your muscles and bones 

Day 6 - Peri-Menopause and why lifestyle matters

Day 7 -Peri-Menopause and HRT 

The peri menopause - the time before our periods actually stop, is the time that most women notice one or more symptoms that are new.


Anxiety, Hot Flushes, Weight Gain, Forgetfulness are all typical.

In this free video series I cover some of these symptoms and give you some tips you can put into effect TODAY, which WILL help you feel more like you used to again. 

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  • How to protect your pelvic floor and much much more!

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