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 A Life Less Anxious is a 6 week group programme designed to give you proven strategies to help you beat menopause anxiety -

and start living the life you want again.

The next 6 week LIVE programme starts 19th September - 30th October. 



While you wait for September you can make a start on your midlife health - work your way through my menopause lifestyle programme -The Waiting Room. 

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Have you noticed that over the last year or so you are anxious about EVERYTHING? 

You aren't alone!

Over 50% of women report increasing anxiety during peri menopause and menopause.  

➡️ Being anxious often means you stop saying YES to things that used to make you happy. 
➡️ Being anxious makes it hard to concentrate, this can  be really hard to cope with, especially in the workplace. 
➡️ Being anxious can feel like you are trapped in a circle you can't break free from because no one understands.
But if you have the tools to BREAK the circle of menopause anxiety it is LIFE CHANGING.
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When asked WHAT are you most anxious about, the answers may surprise you...
  • Scared of driving my car on the motorway.
  • Can't bear the thought of flying to go on holiday
  • Afraid to walk into a crowded room.
  • Too nervous to go to parties, even when I know people. 
  • Terrified of speaking in front of others - especially at work.
  • Constantly worrying what other people will think of me. 
Most of our menopause anxieties are day to day issues, that's WHY they have such a far reaching affect on our life. How different would your life be if you had the tools to help you deal with them until you know how to deal with them? 
Unsure? Book a discovery call with Sam to find out more!

This is Jo, a full time working woman who was feeling uncomfortable with her size, frustrated at a lack of fitness and in her words - eating all the wrong things. 

Jo knew she needed support and accountability to help her and so she joined my programme. She has since:

✅ Lost over a stone in weight 
✅ Overhauled her day to day eating - even at work!
✅ Started doing regular STRENGTH workouts 
✅ Found her sparkle and passion for living HER life HER way again!

💡Do you want to feel like that?  

Book a discovery call to find out more!
➡️ A programme What's App group with access to both coaches in between weekly workshops. 
➡️ Recipes for foods that are proven to support brain health - looking after yourself from the inside too. 
➡️ Access previous Menopause Masterclasses so you can learn from some of the UK's TOP menopause experts. 
➡️ Unlimited access to our online fitness classes for 6 weeks.
➡️ A supportive community of women with in the same situation as you.
➡️ Access to TWO  specialists to help you get the most from your programme and to help you find tools that work for YOU.   
➡️ Peer group support from others on the programme so you'll never feel alone. 

This 6 week programme includes:

✅ A FREE Mini Midlife Lifestyle foundation course which runs from July - September 
✅ Easy to follow downloadable workbooks to complement the coaching calls.
✅ A 1.2.1 with Menopause expert Sam Palmer at the start of the programme. 
✅ Unlimited LIVE or On Demand access to our 11 weekly fitness classes. 
✅ 4 weekly sessions with Helen Walker - your no nonsense, anxiety resolving therapist. She'll help you identify your different types of anxiety and the best tools to conquer it. 
✅ Access to recordings of the coaching calls so you can watch at a time that suits you or to refer back to it again. 


Sign up any time from July - September and you'll get FREE access to The Waiting Room. This programme  includes simple weekly lifestyle 'tasks' for you to work through over the summer.
You'll get access to a series of Summer Masterclasses which include speakers on self care topics such as skin care, self reflexology and functional breathing. 
Not to be missed!
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Week 2 - May 16th 

Identifying your foodie hazards & discover how meal planning can keep you on track

🥦 Nutrition challenge 1

Commence phase 1 & 2 of the eating plan

Week 3 - May 23rd 

How to turn your body into a calorie burning machine

🥦 Nutrition challenge 2

Continue with phase 2 of the eating plan

Week 4 - May 31st 

Sabotage and Cravings, what do you tell yourself when in this situation?

🥦 Nutrition challenge 3

Continue with phase 2 of the eating plan

Week 5 - June 6th 

Snacking, Fasting or Grazing, what is right for YOU?

🥦 Recheck measurements

Commence phase 3 of the eating plan 

Week 6 - June 13th 

🥦How to maintain your healthy new habits for EVER! 

Continue phase 3 of the eating plan

Week 6 - June 13th 

🥦How to maintain your healthy new habits for EVER! 

Continue phase 3 of the eating plan

Throughout the September Programme you will have TWO coaches. Sam Palmer and Helen Walker. 
Programme dates:
  • Thursday 22nd September
    Time - 12.00-13.00 with Sam Palmer
    Meet and Greet. A chance to say hi to the other delegates on the programme and ask any questions. This session is recorded so if you can't make it live  you can watch on catch up. 
  • Friday 23rd September
    Time - 12.00-13.00 with Sam Palmer 
    Group Fitness Planning. This is a group session to help you plan your movement which is so vital for the programme. This session is recorded so if you can't make it live - watch on catch up and send in your planner. 
  • Monday 26th September 
    Time -18.15-19.15 with Sam Palmer 
    The Four Pillar planning session. In order to make the most of your time in this programme you will be encouraged to make some small adjustments to your lifestyle in a way that suits YOU. During this group session you will be planning how to do this to fit in with your life and family. 
A Life Less Anxious - group coaching sessions with your coach Helen Walker on:
  • October 3rd
  • October 10th 
  • October 17th
  • October 24th 
All sessions are LIVE on zoom 18.15 -19.15 and will be available to watch on catch up within 24 hours. 
Helen Walker has become known as the no nonsense, anxiety resolving therapist. She specialises in helping people eliminate their feelings of anxiety or stress. 
This might manifest as physical reactions from uncomfortable feelings to panic attacks to physical illness; habits from nail biting to self harm, to lifestyle effects from comfort eating to sleep problems.
Helen has dealt first hand with many issues, in addition to being fully qualified, she says she is an expert through experience (!) – but with the tools, empathy, sense of humour (and just the right level of bossiness) to work effectively and successfully with you to get your sparkle back – whatever your age, location or issue. 
Meet Gina, a busy lady who was feeling anxious, tired, unhealthy and unfit. She told me she "treated her car better than her body" and she wanted to make a long term commitment to change that. 
She has since:
✅ Learnt the importance of REST as well as sleep. 
✅ Learnt how to say NO when she needs to. 
✅ Discovered tools for when overwhelm sets in. 
✅ Embraced some diet changes for more energy. 
✅ Lost 7lbs in weight and 2 inches from her waist!
✅  Committed to including small amounts of exercise and movement into her week. 
✅ Learnt to value her body and understand the importance of looking after it.
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A Life Less Anxious - strategies to help you live with menopause anxiety








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