Beginner Strength Programme for women over 45

Beginner Strength Programme for women in Peri-Menopause & Menopause.

STRONGER in just 4 WEEKS  

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You hate exercise so why on earth would you sign up for this programme?  

 You need a routine to help you focus on your fitness.

✅ You want a workout designed for women - not men!

✅ A 30 minute workout is perfect for your busy day.

✅ You’d love to have stronger and shapelier muscles.

✅ You’ve noticed the weight creeping on.

✅ You want a coach who understand BEGINNERS!

✅ You want to workout at a time that suits you! 

Menopause weight gain on tummy

I'm Sam, your menopause fitness and lifestyle expert.

Using my 23 years of experience coaching women in fitness, my background in nursing AND 9 years of work as a menopause coach, I have finally developed the The Ultimate Menopause Beginner Strength Program for Women Over 40

It's called Abs, Arms and Arse or AAA!

This type of workout is important because as we age our muscles start to waste away. It's called 'sarcopoenia'?
This the the medical term for muscle wasting, something that happens to all of us but especially so for women as they enter peri-menopause. 
Muscle loss not only leads to weight gain, it impacts on our ability to move and function pain free, in the way we want to.
Luckily it IS possible to rebuild muscle in menopause - and it doesn't have to be complicated, you just need the right programme to follow and a trainer who understands what you need right NOW.   

This Beginner Strength Programme will help you to rebuild muscle 


I believe this not only gives you back the confidence to wear the clothes you want to wear, it gives you the strength to live in the way you want to live - and LIFT up your grandkids in the air when you get them! 


How it works: 

✅ Once you have paid your one time payment, you'll be sent a welcome email. This will give you access to my members only area and you'll be able to start the programme.

✅ You'll get a video explaining how to warm up correctly.

✅ You'll get advice about what weights to use and what you can use if you don't have any.

✅ Got a sore something? Me too! You'll watch a short video which demonstrates adaptations for people who have dodgy bits because most of us have an ache or pain somewhere!

✅ The programme is a 4 week progression, you'll follow 8 strength video workouts to help you build muscle in a safe way - without leaving you pooped at the end of the day!

✅ Ideally each week you'll do two weekly workouts and if you wish, repeat one or both of them giving you 3-4 weekly workouts. 

✅ Each 30 minute workout video is recorded as if you were with me - I explain each movement as we go through the workout.

✅ You'll need a mat or a towel to lie on, some hand weights or water bottles to act as weights.

Yes it will push you - but in a nice way & just enough to help you meet your goals!

Are you ready to feel more confident in your skin, wear short shorts, strappy tops and maybe even a bikini, (in total private perhaps!) knowing that although you'll never have the body of a 30 year old again, you have looked after the body you have to make it the best it can be? 

If the answer is YES then....


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