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⭐️ Book MPower Hour - £150



" Sam instinctively knew what I needed & delicately but expertly drew the right information from me whilst offering practical, bespoke advice in a completely accessible yet non-patronising way."


Book M Power hour - £150

As a menopause fitness & lifestyle expert, I can help you find the answers to your menopause questions in a relaxed and supportive chat and give you science backed advice you can action immediately.

😞 Frustrated by weight gain you can't shift

😞 Looking for advice about alternatives to HRT

😞 Want to prepare for a healthy menopause.

😞 Wish you could get some straight answers.

😞 No time to sift through all the advice

😞 Want an hour dedicated to YOU

Your Midlife Makeover Power Hour includes: 

✔️  A comprehensive online menopause symptoms questionnaire. 

✔️  A 60 minute online one to one consultation. 

✔️  A copy of the consultation recording so you can refer back to it time and again. 

✔️  A personalised approach to your particular problems based on a detailed questionnaire being completed prior to our session. 

✔️  A follow up email with links to any specific products, therapists or sources of information mentioned in your consultation.

Book M Power hour - £150


My life seemed to be upside down - I'd gone from feeling confident, sharp and strong to a tearful, blobby wreck. A hurried ten minutes with my GP wasn't enough to answer all my questions but this MPower hour ticked all the boxes. 



I’ll be honest here, I had no idea what to expect or even really what to ask her; I just knew that I needed to talk to someone who ‘got it’, and I wasn’t disappointed.



For ages I have felt like someone else has come in and taken over my body - I am NOT me! After chatting to Sam I feel so much better - I have a PLAN and I know I'm not alone. 


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