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Are you looking for someone to deliver menopause in the workplace training for your business?

I'm Sam, a qualified nurse and menopause expert, I deliver workshops tailored to help your workplace - and I promise they are never boring!   

"I have struggled with coping with menopause at work but this training was was brilliant! Entertaining and informative, please do another one! " Julie R

Why is menopause awareness training so important for businesses?

  • Women over 50 are the fastest segment of the workforce

  • Yet Menopause and peri menopause often hits women just at their their professional peak, normally between the ages of 42-55 years.

It's not only individuals who will benefit from learning how to cope with menopause at work, an understanding of the impact of this life stage by ALL employees, will help to reduce sickness rates; improve staff retention and performance; and give employees the confidence to ask for help and support if they need it.

Making menopause an inclusive subject that no one is afraid or embarrassed to talk about, helps make your organisation a great place to work.

Menopause training at work - with a difference!

As an employer I know you want to look after your staff and do your best to help them navigate their way through menopause feeling healthy, confident and supported.

I can help you do that. 

I'm a qualified nurse with over 20 years experience delivering workplace training and 9 years working with women in menopause. 

My workshops are interactive, science backed and fun, resulting in a greater understanding of managing menopause at work, a better understanding of the symptoms and how they show up in the workplace and greater awareness up  for managers and staff.

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Online or In person training

My menopause workshops can be delivered online or in person or a hybrid of both ensuring all staff have access to the training. 


Bespoke menopause symptom workshop

Please ask me if you are looking to offer a bespoke workshop for your staff on a particular topic. Popular topics are Menopause and Men, Brain Fog and Anxiety in Menopause and Managing Menopause Health and Fitness in the workplace. 


We can discuss your requirements in an introductory chat  

Menopause in the Workplace - for managers

Workshop - 2hours 

Statistics say that 9 out of 10 women say they feel unable to talk to managers about the impact that menopause is having on them in the workplace.

This can lead to long term sickness, a feeling of being unsupported and for many, a decline in ability to effectively carry out the job they are employed to do.

This session aims to remove the stigma that surrounds menopause, educate male and female managers about the symptoms that women may struggle with in the workplace, so they can properly support their staff.

Menopause Myths - for staff

Workshop 1-2 hours

Menopause or Peri-Menopause – what is the difference, how do you know where you are in your journey, how is it diagnosed and why does it matter?

This session tackles the questions your staff REALLY want to ask.

From crippling brain fog to unexplained weight gain, morning anxiety and embarrassing hot flushes, I'll take your staff on a humorous journey to answer many menopause questions and give then sensible actionable advice they can start immediately.

A few kind comments ..

The workshop was very well paced with lots of engagement and interaction and the feedback I have received since has been overwhelmingly positive. 


Working with Sam is great - she is direct, open and honest and gives you answers to questions that you didn't know how to ask - and makes you feel normal in your experiences!


"Hi Sam, your talk was the most discussed after you left and we all learnt a lot! So thank you it was just fab! "


Sam is a fountain of knowledge for those of us approaching and going through menopause and provides a caring ear and sound advice in her Midlife Makeover group. 


As a Lifestyle Gp I learnt many useful tips from her lecture that I will take back to help my patient's. I will definitely be referring patient's to her. She is also very inspiring!


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Approximately 50% of women go through menopause without getting any advice from a healthcare professional, 35% believe it is something they should just have to put up with, despite 42% reporting that the symptoms are worse than they expected.

In fact, 45% of the women surveyed by the British Menopause Society felt their menopause symptoms have had a negative impact on their work. 

75% of women will experience menopausal symptoms, many of these will have a negative effect on their physical health and/or emotional wellbeing.

Women of peri-menopause and menopause age are the fastest growing workforce demographic.

35% of women think menopause is something they should 'just have to put up with', despite 42% reporting that the symptoms are worse than they expected.

Nearly half of women (47%) surveyed who are in employment and who needed to take a day off because of menopause said they wouldn’t feel comfortable disclosing the real reason to their employer or colleagues.

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