Can you manage menopause without HRT - Sam Palmer standing with hands out asking a question


 (Hormone Replacement Therapy)

Online programme starts April 19th 2023

Menopause can be a confusing time leaving you feeling bewildered by all the advice you read. HRT may be hugely helpful for you but it's not the ONLY thing that helps.

There are many other lifestyle changes and alternative therapies that can help to ease or even stop menopause symptoms helping you to:


🔶 Sleep better

🔶 Reduce anxiety

🔶 Regain confidence

🔶 Think more clearly 

🔶 Improve energy levels

🔶 Discover a regular fitness routine that that you'll LOVE. 

Can you manage menopause without HRT - Sam Palmer standing with hands out asking a question

How to Navigate Menopause without HRT

12 week online programme

This online course is designed to help women of all ages understand and manage the physical and emotional changes of menopause without the use of HRT.

Not only does it provides a comprehensive overview of the different treatments and lifestyle changes available to help you feel your best during this transition, I'll help you put many of those changes into practise daily so that by the end of the programme you'll notice a positive change not only in the way you look, but importantly, how you FEEL! 


What's included in this programme?

  • Onboarding week - two sessions to introduce you to the programme and get to grips with where to find information.
  • LIVE weekly coaching call on zoom on Mondays at 18.15. Also recorded to watch on catch up.  
  • Your 1.2.1 with Sam Palmer 
  • In depth supported lifestyle change programme
  • Menopause nutrition programme
  • A full timetable of 12 weekly live or recorded menopause fitness classes 
  • LIVE Masterclasses on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Homeopathy, Sleep therapy,  Aromatherapy, Optimal nutrition.
  • Private What's App group for peer support
  • Private platform where you can access all course content
  • Start date 19th April 
  • Course ends 10th July 

Please note - the course is over 12 weeks but there will be no live sessions on the Bank Holidays or 👑 the Coronation!

The course costs £425 for 12 weeks. 

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Gain the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions about your health as you head from perimenopause into menopause and beyond and apply the changes you wish to make. 

Learn about the proven alternative therapies and lifestyle changes available to help you manage the physical and emotional changes of menopause and use them for yourself.

Receive LIVE guidance from your coach Sam Palmer, a nurse & menopause expert and her guest experts from other fields such as CBT & homeopathy, to help you navigate this transition.

Movement is a vital part of being healthy in menopause and while you are on the programme you'll be able to take part in ANY of our 12 weekly Menopause Specific fitness classes.  

Unlimited live online fitness classes targeting the key strength and muscle groups which support our midlife bodies and hormones.

Classes include yoga, pilates, HIIT, Fitstix, Fitball and more...

✨ Secure your place - join now! ✨
Sam palmer - laughing as she is teaching

So WHY choose to work with me?

Because you can tap into my 25 years experience of health & fitness.

I'm a qualified nurse, award-winning fitness coach and nutrition mentor, specialising in evidence based menopause health and fitness.

Over the last 10 years I've helped and supported over 500 women transform their lives for the better. 

Think of me as your personal Menopause Guru. I'm here to help you navigate your way though this phase of your life.

Is it time for me to help YOU?

Regain your confidence and self-esteem

Going through menopause is tough, and can rknock your confidence. I help you rediscover your inner strength and get back your self-esteem so you can feel like YOU again.

Discover the secret to midlife weight control.

Midlife hormones can play havoc with our weight, and yet by addressing simple lifestyle changes you can see inches come off - and that's without without dieting!

Learn the tricks to a better night's sleep again. 

A poor night's sleep, due to restlessness and night sweats, plays havoc with our hormones. I can help you fix this and a better night of sleep again.  

Rediscover the joy of feeling fit & strong. 

Symptoms of the peri menopause often mean that fitness is the last thing on the agenda.

I'll help you get into a fitness routine that works WITH your hormones.

Let's face it - menopause can be a confusing time!

You may not even KNOW if you are in peri- menopause or menopause!!

The internet is stuffed full of 'advice' but when you can't sleep, your brain feels fuzzy and you are desperate for a way to feel like you used to - it's all too easy to get fobbed off by the idea of a 'quick solution' of some supplement, cream or shake that is just an expensive mistake. 

Instead I'm inviting you to invest in some sound science backed advice and my support so you can make informed decisions about how you want to look after your health at this life changing time. 

"I have learned so much from Sam's courses, I feel so lucky to have found her to help me along this journey"

Still not convinced this programme is what you need? We want you to be 100% sure this programme is right for you, so book a discovery call with Sam to chat through your questions.   

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