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 Understand Midlife Weight Gain 

Why Eat Less, Move More doesn't work! 

Join Sam Palmer, Menopause Fitness and Lifestyle coach to explore the reasons behind menopause weight gain and discover natural and effective prevention strategies which you can put into place immediately. 

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Your host is Sam Palmer, the unstoppable force behind Midlife Makeover – an online community for Menopause Fitness and Lifestyle support.

From a dedicated nurse to a teacher in Further Education, Sam's journey took an empowering turn when she co-founded a successful First Aid training company.

However, her true calling emerged when she became a running coach and established a women-exclusive fitness club in Kent. In 2014, Sam earned the prestigious title of UK Athletics Coach of the Year, and since then, she has touched the lives of countless women through her transformative online platform, Midlife Makeover.

Now Post-menopause, you can find Sam running, walking her dog, or whipping up healthy brownies to savor with her favorite drink – Champagne!

Have you noticed weight gain on the stomach since you hit perimenopause?

Even though you are eating the same foods, the weight creeps on & suddenly you notice that your once 'comfy' trousers are now .....snug, to put it politely! 

It's not just you - many women report losing weight after menopause is hard so they resort to excessive exercise or restrictive diets.  

Join this Masterclass and in under an hour you will have a clear understanding of WHY the menopause affects us in this way and HOW you can prevent weight gain.

I'll be sharing 3 VITAL things that help to balance out your fluctuating hormones so you can start making changes to your everyday routine immediately....without giving up your favourite foods or doing hundred's of sit ups!

I'll be covering 

✔️why SLEEP plays a such a huge part in  weight control in menopause.

✔️the link between your current STRESS and your weight gain, especially around the tummy.

✔️ how to ditch the diet mindset & embrace a new lifestyle with tips you can start immediately. 

 🤨 Really? 

I suspect you are wondering - I would be too.

NO, this is NOT about 'special creams' or pills, supplements or shakes. 

I am a menopause expert, and nurse I've helped thousands of ladies get back in control of their life using these 3 KEY LIFESTYLE CHANGES.

Everything I will share with you is research based and up to date and can be fitted into your life, - however busy you are juggling work and family.

And it's 🆓!!

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